Guidelines for Residential / Visiting devotees

Anaalaya Buddhist Meditation Centre is dedicated to devotees who follow, Noble Eight Fold Path and Practice holy life.

Centre is managed by the dedicated people that follow the same path. They will assist you to the best of their ability for you to follow the Eight Fold Path and reap the fruits of holy life.

Centre management expect devotees to follow the following guidelines to help you as well as to help others to practice holy life.

  1. Should not visit / enter the centre after 9.00pm unless it is a prior arrangement.
  2. Gate will be opened only after 5.00 am. unless it is a prior arrangement.
  3. Residential devotees must book in room or bed before arriving.
  4. Only agreed number of personal should come in for accommodation. Ex: If five people are booked only five people should come.
  5. Accommodation rooms are charged @ the concessionary rate of Rs 1500 per Day. Maximum number of occupants per room is four.
  6. Male and female Dormitory accommodation are free of charge. Checkout time is 12.00 noon and checking time is 2.00 pm For all residential devotees.
  7. All residential devotees should bring in personal linen for beds / pillows etc.
  8. Should maintain the silence all the time so other devotees are not disturbed.
  9. Please be mindful to keep the hand phones in silent mode.
  10. Should clean respective areas / rooms that is being occupied since there aren't any cleaning staff.
  11. Use water in restricted manner and make sure that drinking water is for that purpose only.
  12. Garbage is segregated at the point of generation. Waste should be disposed only in to bins provided according to waste type.
  13. Refrain from bringing valuables. It is your responsibility to look after your belongings.
  14. Hand back room keys to care taker at the time of checkout.
  15. On non-retreat days devotees are responsible for preparing their meals. Meals should be prepared in the Centre kitchen. Gas electricity and kitchen utensils will be provided free of charge.
  16. It is the responsibility of the devotee to do the shopping or make his or her own arrangements.